Friday, December 5, 2014

Reading Lists

While I am still working on my own recommended reading list(s), I would like to share a few that are worth your perusal.

First is Linda's Faerie Faith reading list, which includes many of the books we encountered in The Garden Club. I find this list a very good one to start with:
Faerie Faith Reading List
This will keep you busy for a little while.

Personally, I've also found a more Druidic focus helpful. The reading list from ADF is a good place to start: ADF Dedicant Reading List

It's only fair to also include the somewhat more extensive (although as they say, out of date) list from OBOD: OBOD Library

Now, if you happen to be drawn to a more Celtic Christian path, as I have been in the past, Then I would suggest checking out this list from Ceile De: Ceile De Recommended Reading

Or, if you are looking for an exploration into Jungian Psychology or Mythology, I would recommend checking out Pacifica Institute. Here is a list of their reading lists : Pacifica Recommended Reading (might take a bit to load.)

Finally, because I feel that everyone is better off learning from mythology, I love Joseph Campbell's works. But, not only are his own writings exceptional (and in many of the above lists), but his own recommended reading list is available here : Joseph Campbell Recommended Reading

Do you have a go-to list when researching a topic? Do you have a set of books that you feel everyone should read? Share it! :)

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