Sunday, January 13, 2013

What is Huna or The Secret Science?

(These are the notes from my first Huna Class.) 

Origins of Huna

Early in the 20th century, Max Freedom Long became fascinated by stories of Miracles being performed by the native Kahunas. Especially fascinating was Fire-walking, where the natives would walk across burning lava without harm. He also was intrigued by other stories of the Kahuna - miraculous healing, seeing the future (and changing the future!), and even a "Death Prayer". 
This started his investigation into how they did these things. 
After several years of study, he stumbled upon a way to discover the how and why of these miracles. 
He traced it back to the language. 
Using his work with the language, and the work of Dr. Brigham, who studied the Kahuna for 40 years prior to meeting Max Freedom Long, he developed the Huna system.  
In the 80s, another important milestone in Huna work happened. This is when Serge Kahlil King started to produce his works on Huna. He move more toward Huna as a type of Shamanism, and incorporated extensive visualization work, as well as Shamanic concepts and practices to the System, including the four worlds, and the seven principles.
And finally, about 6 or 7 years ago, a student of his, Pohaku, did a marvelous pod-cast exploring this work, and bringing the ideas to a whole new audience. 

Where did the Kahuna come from? 

Max Freedom Long traced Huna ideas back to Egypt around 5000-6000 years ago. He also found Huna concepts and root words in ancient Greek. (He postulates that they may have originated in Atlantis, but take that as you may.) He found that Hawaiians came to the islands around 2000 years ago, or about the time of Christ, who he also felt was initiated into The Secret Science. As a matter of fact, he found a great many references to Huna teachings in the Gospels. 
There was a modern genetics study done, which indicates that they actually did arrive in Hawaii around 2200 years ago. “… Polynesians left S.E. Asia 11,500 years ago and departed from the Taiwan area 6000 years ago. They spent 3,800 years in Alaska/Canada before travelling South West to Hawai'i 2,200 years ago…”
 So, in essence, there was a great system of belief that was remarkable for its use or totems, and taboo magic. It was codified by the original Kahunas and recorded in a pre-polynesian language so that it would not be lost. We know it influenced Egypt, the middle east, and possibly many other cultures and their religions. 

Elements of Huna 

}The Three Selves
Low Self – Unahipili, Ku
Middle Self – Uhane, Lono
High self - Aumakua
}Aka Bodies
Aka Body
Aka Cords

Later Additions

}Seven Shamanic Principles
The World Is What You Think It Is.
There are no limits.
Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.
Now Is The Moment Of Power. 
To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something).
All Power Comes From Within. 
Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth.

}Four Levels of reality
Objective reality - physical world
Subjective / Psychic reality - everything is alive
Symbolic reality - when we look at the world as a dream / Dream world
Holistic level - everything is going to work out fine - everything is working out perfectly


}Max Freedom Long
The Secret Science behind Miracles
The Secret Science at Work
The Huna Code in Religions
}Serge Kahili King, Ph. D.
Urban Shaman
Mastering your Hidden Self
}Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.
The Bowl of Light
}MKFenn? : Genetic Evidence on the Origins of the Polynesians

Tenets of the Faerie Faith

Our tenets are these:

  • There should be a sensitivity, a belief in the Spiritual Reality behind what we refer to as Nature.
  • There should be a sincere love of Earth herself, and a desire to communicate with Her other children. 
  • There should be a belief in the individual life of this planet and a certainty that it permeates the whole world.
So, what do these mean to me? 
Let me pause a second and define Nature.
We have the macrocosm, the great uncharted unknown of space – star systems. Planets, galaxies, and all sorts of things out there in the greater universe. (I also see us having many universes existing simultaneously with this one we are focused on, truly making the world we live in a Multi-verse. But, I digress.) This is all part of Nature – this is all part of the Goddess – the great one we, as human beings cannot hope to understand.
We also have the microcosm. We have subatomic particles, waves, and wave-icles. We have string theory, and Higgs-Boson. We see so much happening down at these levels that touch on the profoundly spiritual. Things like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle – the idea that the observer impacts the results of the observation; and the idea of Quantum Entanglement where things that act on one object, affect an associated object. (And if these things are not the beginning of science seeing Magic, I don’t know what is.) But these are also all part of Nature.
And then we have the great visible universe. We have Nature as we interact with it every day. The trees, and the forest, the ocean and the mountains. The air, and water, fire and earth. All of these are also nature.
And within Nature, is the Goddess, the Great Lady. You can feel her touch when walking in the woods. You can see her act in the movement of a tree branch. You can feel her move with the waves of the ocean or the gusts of the wind. She is in all things and touches on all of us.

But, let me move on to the second tenet.

A sincere Love of Earth Herself. We see her in Nature, and we should love her, as a mother, and as the Goddess that she is.

I remember reading long ago an interesting idea. If we look at the history of man on this planet, for thousands of years we have been at the mercy of Nature. We have depended on her for livelihood, and we have been in fear of death at her hands, all at the same time. We have lived in this manner for thousands of years. Evolutionary Psychologists would say this is the state of Savannah Man. (Our last great evolutionary advancement.) But, we’ve won. In the past hundred years, Man has won the battle with nature. It’s over, we won. Now, we have to understand this, and we have to see the earth and we have to stop fighting her. We have to take our role as steward and consort and we have to nurture and protect nature. This is what I see as being a sincere love of the Earth, Herself.

And a desire to communicate with her other kindred…
Well, what other kindred are we referring to? On the one hand this is the plant and animal kingdoms. We have much to learn from our Tree mysteries, and from the great animal totems. This also touches on the work with the over-souls and the Nature spirits. We can see this also as the Faerie Kingdoms. We must work with these, her other kindred, and not against them.

Finally, the Tenets wrap up with a re-iteration, a grounding of our belief in the Gestalt. The individual life of Mother Earth, Gaia, Danu. This great mother that we all depend on.  But more than a belief, it is certainty that she is in all things, and thru all the world. From the most distant star to the smallest particle, from the ninth wave to the pinnacle of the Mount, she is there. And she is here, in our hearts.