Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is the Faerie Faith?


The Faerie Faith Tradition is by definition, eclectic, pulling on Dianic Wicca, Druidry, Huna, Eastern and Western alternative medicine, Native American traditions, and a broad spectrum of energy methodologies. 
Throughout the teachings, there is a focus on personal development and a deep reverence for Nature and the Goddess. 
The ritual elements are derived from MacFarland Dianic Wicca while the Deep reverence for the Earth and her mysteries shows signs of Druidic influence. Not only does The Faerie Faith encompass this spirituality, but it also is a Mystery tradition focusing on personal development through a pervasive study of the Celtic Tree Mysteries.

These tenants define our practice, enhance our spirituality and guide our beliefs:

Tenets of the Faerie Faith

  • There should be a sensitivity, a belief, of the spiritual reality behind what we refer to as Nature.
  • There should be a sincere love of Earth Herself, and a desire to communicate with Her other children.
  • There should be a belief in the individual life of this planet, and a certainty that it permeates the whole world.

Spiritual Focus

The Faerie Faith Tradition is built on three equal areas of study and development: 

The Faerie Folk

With utmost respect and humility, we revere and seek communion with the Faerie Folk. We embrace the Spirits of Nature and what they have to teach us. We see the Faerie Realm as our version of the Imaginal Realms, and strive to work within that sphere.

We also see personal development as one of our paramount goals and work to better understand ourselves and each other through the teachings of the Good Neighbors (The Fairy Tales.) We use Jungian concepts and personal experience as methods to better understand these teachings.

The Celtic Tree Mysteries

The Celtic Tree mysteries provide the backbone of our teaching and the cycles for the sacred year. We are guided through each lunar and solar event and festival, learning the cycles of the year, the movement of the energies of the Earth and how to better prepare for the esoteric changes that occur around and within us as the year progresses.

The Mysteries of the Trees also teach us about ourselves and our environment. When truly understood, the Celtic Tree Mysteries also bring about profound personal change and a deepening of our spiritual core.

The Secret Science

In order to better understand ourselves, and the world around us, we use the basic methodology and common language found in the Huna System, or Secret Science. This system gives us the concepts and terminology to better understand and work with the magical world around us.

The Secret Science touches most, if not all, major spiritual traditions. As it builds on common themes (or perhaps is the basis for those common themes), it gives us an understanding of basic human spirituality.

We also use the Secret Science as a key to understanding The Faerie Teachings, the Tree Mysteries, and other myths and lore related to our beliefs.

Practical Focus

As part of the spiritual work of The Faerie Faith, we have an additional practical focus. 


Our studies touch on several healing modalities, including Herbology, Bach Flower remedies and other homeopathics, as well as several forms of Energy work. We also learn some basic acupressure points and first aid techniques. 


As part of the work, we work with students to have a better understanding of their own survival in various settings. We see that a person may be in situations, both in the wild and closer to home where a deeper understanding of the earth and her other children can directly impact our survival. 


As we see that this planet, and all of us creatures on her, work together to form a great community, we work to conserve in order to better the planet. When we see our environment as Our Great Mother, it is only right that we use our resources with understanding and discretion. 


The Faerie Faith is a Transformational System of belief and understanding that is highly personal, and encompasses both intellectual and experiential learning and development. 

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